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Title Publication Date
CAIR's Islamist 9/11 Opportunism IPT News September 9, 2021
Awad and Abuirshaid Bring the Blind Hate to Israeli Prime Minister's Visit IPT News September 3, 2021
CAIR Lectures Media About Accurately Quoting Jihadists IPT News August 19, 2021
CAIR's Sloppy Smear of an Israeli Police Exchange Program IPT News July 22, 2021
Sued by CAIR, Ex-Employee Releases Evidence of Discrimination and Hush Money Payouts IPT News June 28, 2021
Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Guilty Secret" IPT News June 4, 2021
Amid a Spate of Anti-Semitic Attacks, Orange County Muslim Leader Incites More Hatred IPT News May 25, 2021
Report: Zoom Again Backs Away from Hosting PFLP Terrorist IPT News April 21, 2021
Accused of Abuse, Ex-CAIR Florida Leader Admits to Multiple Religious Marriages IPT News April 16, 2021
San Francisco State Again Tries to Host PFLP Terrorists IPT News April 14, 2021
Reformers Launch Group Aimed at Challenging Muslim Anti-Semitism IPT News April 8, 2021
Does a Third Lebanon-Israel War Lie Ahead? Middle East Forum Webinar April 1, 2021
IPT Video: Marc Lamont Hill's Duplicitous New Book IPT News March 4, 2021
Palestinian Ambassador Draws Harvard Invite Despite a Sketchy Record on Anti-Semitism IPT News February 3, 2021
Illinois Democrats Line Up to Help CAIR Fundraise IPT News January 4, 2021
Raphael Warnock's Pro-Israel Statement Can't Erase His Anti-Israel Record IPT News December 17, 2020
New York Mosques to Protest Macron's "Blatant Disrespect of the Prophet" IPT News October 30, 2020
American Muslims for Palestine Pushes Debunked Israeli Police Exchange Narrative IPT News October 15, 2020
Infidel - A movie review by Steven Emerson IPT News October 9, 2020
A Win for Freedom of Speech Against Islamist "Cancel Culture" IPT News September 17, 2020
9/11 Remembered IPT News September 11, 2020
CAIR's "Exposed" Series Exposes CAIR's Terrorist Sympathies IPT News September 9, 2020
AMP Leader Abuirshaid Gushes Over Latest Meeting with Hamas-Supporting Erdogan IPT News August 28, 2020
California Census Partners with CAIR Radical IPT News August 5, 2020
Video: Five Things You Should Know About Osama Abuirshaid IPT News August 3, 2020
New Report Confirms Al Jazeera's Role as Qatari Agent IPT News July 14, 2020
"Death to America," Love for North Korea and Hate for Israel at Brooklyn Rally IPT News July 2, 2020
Breaking News: Fox Streaming Service Cancels Farrakhan Program IPT News June 29, 2020
Palestinian Rams a Checkpoint: Death, Lies and Videotape IPT News June 26, 2020
Minneapolis Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man. Palestinian Advocates Blame Jews IPT News June 3, 2020
American Islamists Again Embrace Erdogan's Authoritarianism IPT News May 31, 2020
Dingell, AMP, Craft Hamas-Free Narrative About Gaza Challenges IPT News April 22, 2020
Congresswomen to Speak at Anti-Israel Group's "Online Gala" IPT News April 16, 2020
Hating Israel Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry IPT News March 6, 2020
Linda Sarsour's Book Reviews Cover Up Her Anti-Semitism IPT News March 5, 2020
IPT Video: Peace Plan Protesters Echo Hamas Views of Israel IPT News February 5, 2020
Government Continues Turning a Blind Eye to Radical Islamist Grant Recipients IPT News January 22, 2020
Pakistani Blasphemy Case Exposes Islamist Free Speech Hypocrisy IPT News January 7, 2020
Islamist Convention Features anti-Israel Disinformation, Caliphate Dreams IPT News January 6, 2020
Radical 'Anti-Zionist' Activists Show Their True Colors in Chicago National Review December 5, 2019
Linda Sarsour Thinks You Can't Hear or Read IPT News December 3, 2019
A Weekend with American Muslims for Palestine: Awad Says CAIR Fights Zionism "On a Daily Basis" IPT News December 2, 2019
Boston Marathon Bomber's Friend Confessed to 2011 Triple Murder Before Being Killed IPT News November 19, 2019
Exclusive IPT Video: Blind Hate Against Israel Displayed at Times Square Rally IPT News November 19, 2019
IPT Exclusive: CAIR's Awad Describes His "Formula" for Islamist Political Power IPT News November 12, 2019
Convicted American Al-Qaida Terrorist Tries to Parlay Khashoggi Murder into Freedom IPT News October 17, 2019
While Erdogan Slammed Israel At U.N., Turkish Support For Terror Was Revealed Daily Wire October 1, 2019
The Orwellian Universe of Linda Sarsour IPT News September 20, 2019
Breaking News: Women's March Dumps Zahra Billoo IPT News September 19, 2019
Sanders Doubles Down on Anti-Semite Sarsour IPT News September 10, 2019
Census Bureau Drops CAIR Partnership After IPT Report IPT News August 30, 2019
CAIR Touts Partnership with Census Bureau IPT News August 28, 2019
Omar and Tlaib Use News Conference to Push Anti-Israel Propaganda IPT News August 20, 2019
Tlaib Meets with Another Terror Supporter IPT News August 15, 2019
Blind Hate Drives Campaign to Fire Jake Tapper IPT News August 7, 2019
CAIR Leader's Consequence-Free Anti-Semitism IPT News July 23, 2019
Pennsylvania Officials Join Bigoted CAIR for "Islamophobia" Events IPT News June 27, 2019
Video: American MB Supporters Make Morsi's Memorial About Israel IPT News June 26, 2019
Charitable Organization Spotlights Radical CAIR Activists IPT News June 20, 2019
Video: Anti-Semitism on Display in Brooklyn IPT News June 4, 2019
The Naked Hypocrisy of CAIR's Hussam Ayloush IPT News May 20, 2019
"Cherry Picked and Out of Context" – Deception Dominates ICNA Co-Sponsored "Inventing Terrorists" Report IPT News May 20, 2019
Omar Suleiman's Invocation Triggers Textbook "Islamophobia" Deflection IPT News May 12, 2019
Israel-Hating, Gay-Bashing, Sexist Imam Gives Invocation to U.S. House IPT News May 9, 2019
MAS Lied About School in Jihad Video Being a "Separate Entity" IPT News May 8, 2019
U.S.-Based Sheikh Calls on University Students to "Fight Zionism" IPT News May 7, 2019
Muslim American Society's History Belies Its Concern Over Kids' Jihad Video IPT News May 6, 2019
From Philasteen to Philadelphia: Muslim Youth Indoctrination on Full-Display in America IPT News April 30, 2019
U.S. Blocks BDS Co-Founder Barghouti from Entering the Country IPT News April 11, 2019
New Islamist Group in Chicago Dominated by Radical Voices IPT News March 28, 2019
Radicals Rally to Support Ilhan Omar's Anti-Semitic Tweets IPT News February 13, 2019
Glenn Greenwald's Web of Propaganda IPT News December 19, 2018
IPT Obtains Letters of Support to Hamas Front Group From 101 Elected Lawmakers IPT News November 1, 2018
The Gray Lady Once Again Sanitizes Radical Islam IPT News August 15, 2018
Inside the Iran Protests: An IPT Exclusive Video Report IPT News July 2, 2018
Why Are Elected Politicians Legitimizing Terrorist Front Group? IPT News June 29, 2018
Sen. Murphy's Misguided "Anti-Muslim" Smear IPT News May 1, 2018
Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Islamists IPT News January 30, 2018
IPT Video: What BDS Really Wants IPT News January 10, 2018
Ousting Pro-Gay Muslim Group Exposes ISNA's Hypocrisy IPT News July 14, 2017
The Inside Story of How John Kerry Secretly Lobbied to Get CAIR Removed From UAE's Terrorist Organization List IPT News January 19, 2017
The New Axis of Evil (or Comedy): CAIR, JVP and the Huffington Post IPT News December 29, 2016
IPT EXCLUSIVE: DHS Hires CAIR to Train French Officials IPT News December 14, 2016
Keith Ellison's Disinformation Campaign IPT News December 2, 2016
IPT Exclusive: In Private Fundraiser, Ellison Blasted Israeli Influence Over U.S. Policy IPT News November 29, 2016
Women's Flotilla About Everything But Helping Gaza IPT News September 7, 2016
An Award-Winning Documentary About Islamic Terrorists Becomes Hate Speech IPT News July 15, 2016
No Sacred Cows? The Washington Post Continues Carrying CAIR's Water IPT News July 5, 2016
The unfair media bias IPT News April 3, 2016
Islamist Terror Growing in Lethality and Geography, IPT Analysis Finds IPT News March 28, 2016
Washington Post and David Cole Try to Bury History IPT News July 22, 2015
The Shooting in Garland, Texas IPT News May 4, 2015
New Details From Israeli Intelligence on Planned Hamas Mega Attack in Gaza War IPT News May 1, 2015
Emerson on Fox News: The New Global Jihad and the Threat against the US Interview on Fox News September 27, 2014
The President's True Colors Finally Revealed Jerusalem Online August 17, 2014
Who watches the watchers? Jerusalem Post August 16, 2014
The New York Times: Making the world safe for terrorism IPT News May 13, 2014
Chicago ABC Station, Financial Institutions Co-Sponsor CAIR Banquet IPT News April 17, 2014
IPT Exclusive: State Department Silent About Ayatollah's Holocaust Denial IPT News March 26, 2014
IPT Exclusive: Records Prove MB Delegates Skipped Airport Inspections IPT News January 17, 2014
Bin Bayyah is no moderate The Hill August 28, 2013
Stigmatizing Their Critics - An IPT Video Report IPT Video Report August 28, 2013
Exclusive: Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House IPT News June 26, 2013
Obama CIA Nominee John Brennan Wrong for the Job IPT News February 5, 2013
Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood August 9, 2012
Chris Christie's Islam Problem National Review Online May 1, 2012
IPT Exclusive: State Department Barred Inspection of Muslim Brotherhood Delegation IPT News April 9, 2012
The New York Times Collaborates with Hamas Front Group to Suppress the Truth IPT News January 25, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Realities New and Old IPT News January 5, 2012
Time for Domestic Anti-Radicalization Program December 5, 2011
The Inside Story Behind the Awlaki Assassination IPT News September 30, 2011
ICNA Still Promotes Radical Texts IPT News September 9, 2011
Ten Years Later, Radical Islam Still a Taboo Subject IPT News September 8, 2011
IPT Special Report: Terror Threat Against U.S. IPT News September 8, 2011
UN Flotilla Report Backs Israeli Policy IPT News September 2, 2011
HLF Defense Argues to Overturn Convictions IPT News September 1, 2011
Terrorist Prison Blues IPT News August 30, 2011
Wolf: DOJ Needs to Release Terror Finance Information IPT News August 26, 2011
Mother Jones Report Scrubs Facts of Terrorists' Predisposition IPT News August 25, 2011
DOJ Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret IPT News August 25, 2011
Hamas in Political, Financial Squeeze IPT News August 24, 2011
Zawahiri: Co-opting Syria's Revolution IPT News August 19, 2011
Lawsuit Details Depth of Berkeley Jewish Student Harassment IPT News August 12, 2011
Hizballah, Damascus Under Siege IPT News August 11, 2011
Group Claims to Hoist al-Qaida Flag in Sinai IPT News August 5, 2011
Vast Majority of Muslim Americans Don't Identify with CAIR IPT News August 3, 2011
Fort Hood Targeted for Second Terrorist Attack IPT News July 28, 2011
Little Rock Jihadist Sentenced to Life IPT News July 25, 2011
Nihad Awad, Co-founder of CAIR, Unplugged Family Security Matters April 5, 2011
Muslim American groups, not Rep. Pete King, are the ones fomenting hysteria with hearings on tap New York Daily News March 10, 2011
Egypt's Future and the Chameleon Muslim Brotherhood IPT News January 31, 2011
LA Law Enforcement Conference on "Radicalization" Features Islamist Radicals who have Impeded U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts IPT News November 17, 2010
CAIR Double Standard Alert IPT News November 8, 2010
In Defense of Drones The New York Post October 17, 2010
President Obama Rewards The Hamas Lobby Forbes June 22, 2010
Truth behind the harm-ada The New York Post June 3, 2010
We're Still Not Serious About Terrorism The Daily Beast February 4, 2010
Screening must include religion, ethnicity CNN January 5, 2010
Would Iran Provide A Nuclear Weapon to Terrorists? inFocus Winter 2009
It's Radical Islam, Stupid Hudson New York November 2, 2009
The Creeping Homegrown Threat The Daily Beast August 1, 2009
House Dems Carry Islamists' Water IPT News July 28, 2009
Library Association Abandons Principle, Allows Censorship IPT News July 21, 2009
State Department's love affair with Islamists The Jerusalem Post May 25, 2009
Radicals in Our Prisons The New York Post May 24, 2009
How to Stop a Home-Grown Terrorist The Daily Beast May 22, 2009
Call the Terrorists What They Are The Daily Beast May 21, 2009
Is This Who We Want Representing U.S. Interests Abroad? Hudson New York May 4, 2009
Extremists use 'civil rights' group front to push agenda The Desert Sun March 24, 2009
Hamas Takes Advantage of U.S. Diplomacy IPT News February 25, 2009
Why Does The New York Times Love Hamas? The Daily Beast January 6, 2009
They're Winning The Daily Beast December 1, 2008
Deals With Devils The New York Post July 16, 2008
Paper of CAIR National Review Online February 8, 2008
Jersey's Counterterror Farce The New York Post November 12, 2007
Evil Exposed The New York Post October 29, 2007
A Monster With Chutzpah The New York Post September 20, 2007
MacFarquhar Strikes Again National Review Online September 6, 2007
Radical Outreach The New Republic Online June 28, 2007
One Muslim Advocacy Group's Not-So-Secret Terrorist Ties The New Republic Online March 28, 2007
Threatened by the Jihad March 14, 2007
Blood Money: Hezbollah's revenue stream flows through the Americas The American Legion Magazine March 2007
Kicking a CAIR Extremist Off the Human Relations Commission November 6, 2006
L.A. Times violates journalistic ethics in Anaheim City Council election coverage The LA Jewish Journal October 20, 2006
The Jihad on King The New York Post October 4, 2006
Prize Fighter The New Republic Online August 31, 2006
Jihadism: Where it's at in 2006 The Sydney Institute February 15, 2006
The Terror Masters Wall Street Journal April 18, 2003
Rolling Back the Forces of Terror Wall Street Journal August 13, 2001
Terrorism on Trial Wall Street Journal May 31, 2001
Trying Usama bin Ladin in Absentia Middle East Quarterly Spring 2001
Unholy War The New Republic September 14 & 21, 1998
Inside the Osama Bin Laden Investigation Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International Fall 1998
Osama Bin Laden's Special Operations Man Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International Fall 1998
Abdullah Assam: The Man Before Osama Bin Laden Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International Fall 1998
How to Really Fight Terrorism Wall Street Journal August 24, 1998
Islamic Militants on the Lecture Circuit in the United States Journal of Counterterrorism Summer 1998
Friends of Hamas in the White House Wall Street Journal March 13, 1996
The Other Fundamentalists The New Republic June 12, 1995
Why Islamic Extremists Were the First Suspects The Washington Times April 27, 1995
Where Have All His Spies Gone? The New York Times August 12, 1990
Stymied Warriors The New York Times November 13, 1988

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West
by Abigail R. Esman
IPT News October 17, 2010
In the Interest of Justice: Great Opening and Closing Arguments of the Last 100 Years
by Joel J. Seidemann
The Washington Times January 8, 2005
Leave Me My Spirit
by Lawrence K. Lunt
The New York Times January 27, 1991

Movie Reviews

Movie Title Publication Date
The Stoning of Soraya M. The Daily Beast July 5, 2009

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